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Coconut has been lauded for years as a wonder product for hair. Every other pin on Pinterest includes a homemade conditioner recipe featuring coconut to rub on your head. However, hair health starts from the inside out. Your hair cannot fully realize all the benefits of coconut just from external use. Eating coconut helps stimulate your hair growth as well as increase the healthiness of your hair.

     Everything in our body works together, so bad hair could be a sign that your body is not functioning as best as it could. If you are experiencing hair loss or unhealthy hair, it could be a sign that your hormones are imbalanced. Hormones are one of the many contributing factors to hair loss. It can also be difficult to pinpoint and fix hormonal imbalances. One way to make sure that your body’s hormones are balanced is to make sure your diet has everything it needs to create hormones.

     As we have discussed in our previous blogsMCTs (saturated fats) are vital to your body's health. They have many benefits because so many bodily functions need them in order to work. If your body is deficient in MCTs, then it cannot function like it should be able to. And wouldn’t you know it, your body needs MCTs in order to create hormones. Once again, MCTs have come to save the day. A diet rich in MCTs is one of the best things you can do for your body.

     Consuming coconut is the best way to incorporate MCTs into your diet. It is rich in the MCTs that your body so desperately needs. CAcafe uses real whole coconuts to create our delicious coconut coffees and teas. Because we use the whole coconut, you get all the benefits that coconut has to offer. CAcafe is my favorite way to get a daily dose of coconut. It was so easy to switch from brewing coffee to making a cup of coconut mocha every morning. The benefits I receive from coconut coffee are incredible and I am never going back to my plain old brewed coffee. Plus CAcafe’s instant style coconut series is so much easier to make in the morning than brewing a pot of coffee! I recommend CAcafe to every person because everyone should have a little coconut everyday, and only CAcafe can help easily incorporate it into the morning cup of coffee that many of us already have.