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virgin coconut water

Cholesterol is affected by many things. Your family history, weight, and activity level all contribute to the cholesterol levels in your body. Food is another contributor to high blood cholesterol. People with high blood cholesterol have to monitor their food, increase physical activity, and may even need to take medicine to help. If you have high blood cholesterol, then it's imperative to make sure that the food you eat is helping, not harming, your body’s fight to lower cholesterol.

            A study done by K.G. NevinT. Rajamohan had rats consume virgin coconut water for forty-five days, and then they were measured for how much cholesterol they had. The results showed that virgin coconut water helped lower cholesterol in the rats as well as helped prevent the formation of LDL oxidation or bad cholesterol in your body. The conclusion was that virgin coconut water is awesome. It is another reason that coconuts are considered a super food. They help your body in so many ways, it’s hard to keep track! (But we're keeping track for you--read all our posts on the benefits of coconut here!)

        CAcafe once again comes to my rescue! I drink CAcafe regularly, and it’s great to learn about the new ways it is helping my body. CAcafe uses the whole coconut in its Coconut Coffees and Teas. That means that when I am drinking CAcafe, I am getting all the benefits that not only coconut oil gives, but that coconut water also gives. I’m getting the best of both worlds. CAcafe is a great option for those that need to watch their cholesterol. It is a healthy alternative for a regular cup of coffee as well as having the added benefit of containing coconut water. 


While many studies show the benefits of coconut and its ability to help fight high blood cholesterol, CAcafe is not meant to replace medicine or cure any illnesses. Please always consult your doctor when combating health issues.