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Here at CAcafe, we know how wonderful coconut is and how much it can positively impact your health. We have heard hundreds of stories from our customers about how much our products have helped them. You can read some of those stories yourself here! They often tell us how much energy they have after adding our gourmet coconut coffee to their daily routine, or that they have lost weight after using our gourmet coconut-infused products. 

 I drink coffee every morning to help me get going, but I always seem to need another pick-me-up by noon. However, the first time I drank some of the coconut coffee, I had enough energy for the day without having to drink more caffeine. I was amazed at how much of a difference I noticed. I decided I wanted to incorporate the coconut coffee, tea, and mocha into my life, but I had a lot of questions. It seemed too good to be true. Something can’t taste this good and be good for me too. How does coconut improve my energy? Why is energy from coconut coffee better than energy from regular coffee. How come the energy I get from coconut lasts so long? Would it really help me lose weight? 

I took to the internet to answer my questions. I came across this study, which contained all the information I was looking for. In it, Baba N, Bracco EF, and Hashim SA compared Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) to Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs). Triglycerides are fatty acids. Your body needs these to burn energy. When you have too many triglycerides, it means you are unable to burn enough energy to keep up with your triglyceride intake. In other words, what you eat gets burned as energy, but if you eat too much, then your body stores it as fat to be burned later. MCTs are commonly found in coconut oils while LCTs are commonly found in vegetable and olive oil. 

The study fed two groups of rats diets consisting of an excessive amount of MCTs or an excessive amount of LCTs. At the end of the study, the rats were measured for how much fat was in their bodies and around their cells. The group that had eaten the MCTs, the kind of fat from coconut, had significantly less fat in their bodies than the group that had LCTs, the kind of fat from vegetable or olive oil. The researchers concluded that the MCTs that are found in coconuts cause your body to engage in thermogenesis, an increase metabolism. Thermogenesis is a fancy word for creating heat and relates to how your body digests and absorbs food. As your body digests food, it is burning calories. The MCTs also increase your metabolism. Increased metabolism means your body is better at burning the fat you have into energy. 

To summarize, Coconuts have MCTs, which studies have shown lead to better metabolism. Better metabolism affects your energy levels, weight loss, and digestion. 

After reading the study, I understood why having the gourmet coconut coffee every morning was changing my day so much and in such a tangible way. At CAcafe, we use the whole coconut in our products. I am getting all the benefits of coconuts in my coffee every day. By drinking the coconut coffee, I am helping my body to produce its own energy. I am going to experience that “pick-me-up” feeling without getting jittery and without crashing later. Additionally, I am helping my body function better by increasing the body’s natural response to food and fat already stored in my body. Increasing my metabolism gives me a chance to lose weight. Gourmet coconut coffee is a winner for my morning coffee choices. I’m choosing CAcafe and never going back!