Coconuts Health Benefits Hydration


Every day I learn something new about coconut and how great it is for me to have regularly. Ismail ISingh R, and Sirisinghe RG studied how coconut water can affect our body’s ability to rehydrate. I am in a constant battle to stay hydrated. Between forgetting to bring my reusable water bottle with me to my deep abiding love of soda, I’m often feeling that I am not hydrated enough. Many of my friends have shared with me that they have similar problems. We don’t realize until the end of the day that we should have done more to help our bodies. What can I do to help myself stay hydrated throughout the day? Today I once again found my answer in the incredible coconut!

The researchers had several groups of men that used regular water, a sports drink, or coconut water to rehydrate after vigorous exercise. After two hours of rest, the men who had the coconut water were the most rehydrated of the group. That’s truly amazing. Coconut helped their bodies return more quickly to their hydrated state than water or a sports drink! Just another benefit to pile onto the reasons why CAcafe is so proud to put coconut in our products.

Drinking a cup of CAcafe coffee or tea in the morning is the perfect way to set myself up for success during the day. It is going to help my body be hydrated. Also, knowing how much my coconut mocha coffee is helping me in the morning inspires me to make better choices all day. Instead of reaching for soda, I’m drinking my water!

I’m so glad I have CAcafe to start my day right. It sets me up for success all day long and helps sustain me throughout the day!


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