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"Although I love a cup of black coffee every now & then, I don't like super strong coffee all the time. That being said, CAcafe's Coconut Coffee is the best coffee I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. I'm going to walk you through how it works because I'm crazy about it. 

I was cruising through Costco a few months ago when I came across a free sample stand that had COCONUT COFFEE written all over it. I was stoked and asked to have two samples because it was that kind of day... and it was delicious. I grabbed a big white jar of the stuff and continued on my way. The best part of the story is that within 10 minutes, four different people stopped me to tell me how much they love that coffee. I'm not kidding!

I talked to a middle-aged couple about it for quite a while because they stopped me and said, "That is the best backpacking coffee we've ever had." Naturally that drew me in. We talked about our past backpacking trips around the Sierras aaaaand obviously we were all best friends by the end of the conversation. The wife didn't like sweet coffee so they mixed the regular coconut coffee with the unsweetened kind, put it in a ziploc, and threw it in their packs!

Another dude at Costco told me that he loves the coffee because it gives him the caffeine boost without the jitters. Since I've been having this heart problem the past few months (the reason why I had to take this season off from rangering) and I've been on beta blockers, I was totally sold by this. I'm not really supposed to drink caffeine while I'm on beta blockers because it makes my heart rate go crazy and I get really shaky, so I figured I would give this new coffee a chance. 

IT WORKED. I drink this coffee every morning at home, sometimes even more in the afternoon, and I bring it on every camping/backpacking trip I go on. I get the caffeine boost without feeling shaky and crazy. It's just powder so it's super easy to tote around: it's got coconut oil, columbian coffee, and real coconut in it. 

Anyway... I love this stuff. I just boil water, put it in a cup, and add some coconut coffee powder. It's the easiest thing ever and it's totally addicting."*

Read Miranda's full blog post on backcountry coffee on her blog here!

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