"Coconut Tea is my addiction and for ever will be.❤️ I wake up and have my coconut coffee instead of my regular coffee I used have everyday. Mid afternoon I have my tea and at night time, I have my tea again because it helps me keep away from any junk food. Although I like the coffee alot my number one love for sure is the Cacafe tea. Can't live without it and it feels great to be addicted to something that not only tastes AMAZING but also is healthy.

I love the natural taste that it has almost as if your actually eating a coconut, and it's not overly sweet. It's just perfect. I truly believe that it calms my nerves, and bad cravings and has made my skin look and feel healthier as well as my hair. I always recommend to everyone! So far all my friends and family that I have shared it with have loved it as well. Thanku CAcafe for making these amazing products and I hope they can become available for sale almost everywhere someday! ❤️😋☕️👌"

- Emma Gardea