1. What is CAcafe Coconut Series?

CAcafe Coconut Series is made with real coconut, premium milk and high-quality Colombian Coffee or Green Tea. Each item in our Coconut Series collection features carefully selected ingredients that deliver outstanding health properties and excellent taste.

  1. How can we use CAcafe's Coconut Coffee Series?

One of the many great things we are proud of about our products is their versatility! You can make hot or cold drinks, smoothies, breakfast bowls, cakes, baked goods, and so much more with any of our delicious Coconut Series products.

While specific How-To-Make instructions come on the label of every jar, many people enjoy a hot cup of Coconut Coffee by adding 3 Tbsp of Coconut Coffee to 6oz of hot water, or an iced Coconut Coffee by adding 3 Tbsp of Coconut Coffee to 2oz of hot water and pouring over a glass of ice. The possibilities are endless and we’re always getting feedback on great recipes our customers create.

  1. How many times a day should I drink CAcafe Coconut Series?

As many times as you like! Because we offer many different products, you can enjoy a Coconut Coffee in the morning, and an energizing Coconut Tea/Coconut Matcha Tea mid-afternoon or later. Many people replace their regular coffee or tea with our delicious Coconut Coffee and Coconut Tea options, but with so many deliciously healthy products to choose from, you’re welcome to enjoy as much as you like throughout the day. We recommend drinking two times a day or replacing your regular coffee or tea with one of our delicious products.

  1. Will Coconut Series help me lose weight?

We have had customers share with us that after incorporating our Coconut Series into their daily routine, they experienced weight loss. This can be attributed to the sustained energy boost and feelings of satiety that are inherent in a coconut+coffee combination. Both coconut and coffee are known to have positive effects on raising metabolism and staving off cravings.

Some customers have also experienced signs of healthier skin, nails, and hair, a common benefit of incorporating coconut into one’s diet or beauty regimen. While our delicious drinks were not specifically developed for the purposes of weight control or cosmetic enhancement, they certainly come as a nice bonus! However we cannot guarantee that everyone has the same result, because every person’s body is different.

We always love your feedback, so if you have your own story to share, let us know by emailing ShareStory@newnewfoods.com. Thanks.

  1. Can I drink CAcafe Coconut Series if I have diabetes?

We always recommend talking with your doctor before adding new products to your diet, but our unsweetened series is known to be safe for diabetics. For more information on specific ingredients of each product, visit our Products Page and select your product of interest to be directed to its nutrition label and ingredients list. If you are still unsure if a product is right for you, consult your doctor.

  1. Can I drink CAcafe Coconut Series if I'm pregnant?

We always recommend talking with your doctor before adding new products to your diet while pregnant, but we have pregnant customers who are able to enjoy several of our products safely. Our Coconut Coffee Series does contain natural caffeine and every product’s nutrition label is available in its corresponding photo gallery on our website. If you are still unsure if a product is right for you, consult your doctor.

  1. What are the ingredients?

You can find the ingredients of each product in the description section of each product’s specific page. Go to the “Our Products” tab to view all of our collections!

  1. Where can I find the nutrition facts?

Nutrition facts for each specific product are posted in the photo gallery of each individual product. Go to www.newnewfoods.com and select a product to view its page. In the product’s photos, you will see a picture of the product’s label, which includes the corresponding nutrition facts panel.

  1. How much caffeine is in this Coconut Series?

The Coconut Coffee contains about 65mg of caffeine per serving, while a regular cup of coffee contains 95mg to 400mg of caffeine. The Coconut Green Tea contains about 45mg of caffeine per serving. The Coconut Matcha Tea contains around 15mg of caffeine per serving. The Chocolate Coffee (previously known as Coconut Mocha) contains around 40mg of caffeine per serving. Other products, like the Coconut Cocoa, are caffeine free.

  1. What are Mom’s Kitchen Milk Tea and Bubble Coffee?

Mom’s Kitchen Milk Tea and Bubble Coffee are instant-style beverages, which are made with premium milk, high-quality Colombian Coffee or Black Tea and Coconut. They’re rich in antioxidants and have been proven to help reduce stress and increase energy. Our products do NOT use artificial flavors or colors, and are Gluten and Trans Fat Free.

As you know, recently there are more and more Bubble Tea Shops open across the United States. With its increasing popularity, it has become more and more powerful. It seems that it has found a place in the daily life of Americans overnight.

When you are craving that Milk Tea and Bubble Coffee taste, Mom’s Kitchen Milk Tea and Bubble Coffee have the delicious taste found at your favorite Bubble Tea shops, yet can be made simply in the comfort of your home. Indulge in this unique crafting of fun and traditional flavors!

  1. Why are there no Boba pearls in Mom’s Kitchen Bubble Coffee and Milk Tea?

Boba pearls are produced in Taiwan and have not been certified by third parties in the United States. For this reason, Mom’s Kitchen Bubble Coffee and Milk Tea can’t include Boba pearls.  

Mom’s Kitchen Bubble Coffee and Milk Tea were made to be the same taste of boba shops and are the best.

  1. Where are your products made?

We are proud to say that all NewNew Foods products are made right here in the U.S.A. by FDA-approved GMP manufacturers with high quality standard guarantee.

  1. I have questions about the Coconut Club Rewards Program.

Great! The Coconut Club is a great way for customers to make their purchases count towards discounts, coupons, even free shipping! Visit our Rewards Page to answer specific questions and join the club!

  1. Why isn't my powder dissolving fully?

Do not worry, since we use natural coconut in our products, it is naturally occurring. Our products are always produced by an FDA-approved GMP manufacturer with high quality standard guarantee. We suggest keeping the jar in a location that is room temperature. In colder temperatures, the coconut oil will harden. It is also important to use really hot water so that the coconut oil will be able to melt smoothly.


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