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"My testimony is unique because I was not able to get out of the bed without help most days! I did research finding the benefits of coconut so healing and helps with inflammation. Through my research I discovered the coconut tea and coffee. I originally wanted the coffee but could not find it anywhere I tried the coconut tea and I'm hooked for life!! It truly has been life changing for me I am now able to do things more independently. Drinking the tea and starting it in 2017 I was getting out of bed by myself walking my son to the bus stop and when picking him up I would do exercising! this may seem like no big deal to the average person but for me who was bed-bound it is huge! I will buy this tea and coffee the rest of my life so long it exists! I share my testimony not only does it taste delicious but it could be an acquired taste to some I would compare it to a yummy latte but it has absolutely hands down changed my life for the good! I have lost weight I have almost no pain and tons of energy! I have no idea how you guys do it but keep doing it!! Thanks, for the chance of allowing me to share my testimony!


I could not find a picture of me from 2017 but I did stumble across a photo of me holding the t I am once again sharing it with you any current picture as well with my three containers! I highly recommend this product you will love it! I started drinking CAcafe coconut tea in May of 2017. I could only find it at Walmart locally. Currently the same place I purchased the Coconut Matcha tea. I found it online doing research looking up coconut and the health benefits."

- Michelle D. Barcia

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