"I AM IN LOVE!!!!"

"There's not enough good - no, amazing things I can say about CAcafe. The coffee is my saving grace. But this Tea... Ya'll. Let me tell you about this tea. As a mom of a toddler spawn (2.5 seriously the middle of terrible twos, so fun) I need a lot, and I mean A LOT of energy to keep up with him. I grabbed the last tea off the shelf (🙏praise Jesus) + I am in LOVE!!!! It's perfectly sweetened that you don't even need to add ANYTHING to it. Sometimes I'll add a little coconut milk, not cause it's needed but just for a little extra somethin'. Moving across the country trying to find this hidden gem may be a little search but it's. so. worth. it.
If you haven't tried CAcafe, you're missing out on life and life is too short to miss out on. Thanks CAcafe!! You have a customer for life.☕ ❤️"

- Brandi Clifton @brandiclifton_