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“I First would like to say, I've only been using your product for about 2 weeks. I've heard about it over a year ago & unfortunately, I still stuck to Starbucks (costly) or my instant coffee with the flavored creamers. I started out with Sugar Free, but eventually switched over to regular, flavored creamers, because of all the bad reviews on artificial sweeteners, health wise... I still didn't like drinking Coffee, because of the Strong taste, along with worrying about the extra fat and sugar in my creamers. I love the energy, but sometimes I just Don't want that 'strong' coffee taste... On top of the false energy comes the unwanted jitters...

I recently ran across this product again, online... Reading all the reviews & watching all the GREAT reviews on YouTube, I was eager! I asked my boyfriend, who was headed to Costco already, after work to grab me some. As the YouTube reviews stated, my hair isn't falling out as much when combing it & I really feel that, by continuing with these products, it will totally stop! There's barely hair on my counter now after combing (YAY!). It looks and feels healthier & fuller. I feel like I have a natural energy now & I don't crash. I've read that it's good for health benefits & my metabolism. It has a mild flavor which smells, oh so GOOD! Uuum! 😋Plus, Hey... I LOVE COCONUTS! I most definitely will continue to use Coconut Coffee CAcafe. I've heard it does so much more. Just waiting to enjoy all the results!”

- Tanisha L. Clark

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