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"Good morning beautiful people . It's me again , this is my 3rd yr drinking my favorite coconut coffee.
I'm 48 yrs old , mother of 5 and a grandma. Part of my morning rituals is to sit in my garden having a cup of CAcafe and pray.
This coffee made my skin feels smoother and look younger ( I don't wear make up except a lil lipstick ) . I will post and show you my nails in the comments , they grow so fast and very strong. My hair as you can see , ( although there's grey in it ) but it's thicker.
But the one think I love the most is I lost a lot of weight , I feel healthy and I'm not hungry. Having my coffee first thing in the morning helps me maintain and control bad eating habits.
My family, friends , my doctors and MA's started taking this and they all love it.
I'm still thankful for that older lady who's demonstrating this product at my neighborhood Costco ( Sierra lakes ) and told me her true story how it helped her feeling good and losing weight .
Thank you CAcafe , more power to you and God bless you all.

Ann of Southern California "

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