"Coffee and Coconut... whatta combination!
I am not really of a coffee drinker but bcoz it has real coconut flavor on it, I will definitely have a cup or two to start my day.
I came from the Philippines, where coconut is one of the main agriculture crops. Coconut is very healthy. Coconut water helps prevent urinary tract infection; it flushes bacteria from urinary tract. So as the coconut meat or flesh which is very nutritious, especially with protein and minerals. I workout, so I need it to boost my energy and this product really is the answer to my thirst on caffeine. This coffee has it all and I fell in love with it already. Now, I have the reason why I am drinking coffee. Yes! it’s the Coconut, baby!
Thank you CAcafe! Glad I found you.'I ❤️ my Coconut Coffee!'"

- ADJ @adj72fitpinoy